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DJI drones have  changed the name of the drone game since the Phantom series. We use only DJI drones, for the single most important reason, we want the best. Signal strengths and distances coupled with advanced cameras make sure we never waste a second in the air.

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Skyhigh Shutter is Part 107 certified with the FAA to be able to charge commercially for drone footage. Fines can be $1000's of dollars if your using illegal drone images and videos. We use LAANC for all flights within class C airspace, which is 5 miles from any airport with an active ATC. Don't risk it, call us right away.  

Why Us?

It seems that everywhere you look there are drones for sale. Yes, they are fun and it seems there is one for every budget. We at Skyhigh Shutter are more than the just the drone operation. We are dedicated to providing cinematic content as professional as you are. We specialize in real estate, construction progress, land development, special events and so much more. 

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